Winter Wisdom

I love nature metaphors and analogies. Much insight can be gained from observing nature’s rhythms, patterns and cycles. The seasons are an expression of the great cycle of life and can be a source of great wisdom.

Winter may test us with cold and rain, however it is a fantastic teacher of accepting what is. When we give ourselves expectations of how things should be, hang onto stories of what we like and don’t like, we miss out on the beauty of releasing expectations and the fear and tensions that go along with holding those expectations.

Contemplating the lessons of winter can help us appreciate negative capability – that is, knowing when it is time NOT to do something. This emptying allows for purification and sinking into depths that we can’t normally access when we constantly do, allowing us to connect to a more fundamental wisdom.

In the native american tradition, the long winter evenings are considered the proper time to teach those things that have their roots in the past and lead back to the source of all things.1)From book “The Wisdom of the Native Americans”

The space we open to allows new things to emerge, just as winter gives way to the new life of spring.

Join us in magnificent Kings Park in an experiential day of surrendering to the moment and finding the magic and beauty that is always present. We will be doing presencing, relaxation, qi gong and contemplation meditation with nature as our partner in the process. The weather may challenge us but embracing winter’s qualities is the practice.

Cost: $75 including lunch.
Contact me to book.
Bookings are confirmed once payment has been received.

You can download the flier here

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1. From book “The Wisdom of the Native Americans”

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