A Nibble of Nature: 1 day retreats

Modern life bombards us from every direction, leaving us hyper-stimulated and consequently stressed, depleted, distracted and our senses dulled. Finding the space to reflect, centre and balance yourself with natural rhythms and energy is vitally important.

Learn simple meditation and Qi Gong (energy practices) techniques to become more present, relaxed and open to the wonderful harmonious energy of wild nature. Come and revitalise your connection with nature and yourself in the process!

Our one day retreat programs, ‘Nibbles of Nature,’ offer a taste of what is possible. We select a beautiful setting in nature where we can escape the busyness and demands of everyday life and find solace in natural rhythms and the sensorial embraces available to us by slowing down.

Some one day programs follow a particular theme while others are simply about nature connection in general, taking you through processes and teaching you skills to more deeply connect with inner and outer nature.

Upcoming Nibbles:

  • May 23 – Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary (SOLD OUT)
  • May 30 – Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • June 21 – Kings Park

Unless otherwise specified, all 1-day programs are $75, running from 10 am to 4pm and include lunch and any entry fees.

Please note I will be away from March 30 to May 10 (learning more beautiful practices to share with you!) and will be out of contact for that time. If an event happens to reach capacity during this time, I will give priority to those who got in first.
Email me to book and I will send you details for bank deposit or Paypal.


  • Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary – forms an important link in the ecosystem in the Perth Hills.
  • Kings Park, Perth – Beautiful, sacred and conveniently located!



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