Going Deeper

Of all the things I passionately believe in, the power of deep experience is right up there. In fact, a large part of my commitment to Slow comes from an appreciation of the relationship between Slow and depth.

One of the great tragedies of our Fast society is that we only skim the surface of life’s experiences and furthermore become unaware of this shallowness. With our senses so thoroughly bombarded and hence numbed simply as a coping mechanism, our perception of life becomes grossified. By slowing down and bringing more of our attention into the present we sink deeper into each moment. The things we discover can change our lives forever.

I never would have had an appreciation for Slow if it was not for doing my first Way of Nature Sacred Passage. I spent a week in solitude and after two days of mostly sleeping, settling in and relaxing a whole new way of being with the world opened up in ways I could never have imagined. The incredible sense of connectedness was like a caress for the soul and the reciprocity with the beings around me in acknowledgement of this changed, deeper relationship with nature changed the way I see the world forever.

I have found this and other deep experiences I have embarked on since then much like finding a great radio station and adding it to your favourites: you might not always be tuned in but you can find it again, the path has been illuminated, and simply just knowing it is there waiting for you is the source of much ease. Deep experience help you to see what is possible, inspiring and guiding everyday practice. So if you have started or thought about any kind of practice, such as meditation, to assist you to slow down, I encourage you to find the space and courage to let yourself go deeper.

In a way, it is a matter of courage. Deep experience by its very nature requires you to go beyond comfort zone and learn about surrender, trust and letting go. These in themselves are incredible valuable lessons.

Sometimes I’d claim my strategy with The Slow Project is to gently introduce people to Slow principles, thereby allowing them to come to the conclusion that deep experience is something they are ready for. But then other times, such as now, I just get too excited and decide that I’m going to try to convince you straight out.

I practice what I preach, and I am heading off in a few week to spend 5 weeks in Nepal learning Thai massage and doing more meditation and qi gong on a pilgrimage. Before I go I am hoping to get enough people for two nature programs I am running in May and June. The May 23 event is a taster 1-day retreat and the June Nature Quest gives you a proper deep dive exploring and strengthening your connection with nature over 5 days including 2 days in solitude. 

So have I convinced you? Are you keen? Please get in touch, even if it is to ask some questions over a coffee.

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