Way of Nature Programs

“Returning to the Source is stillness, which is the Way of nature.” – Lao Tsu

A certified guide with Way of Nature International, I run immersive nature retreats that take Slow principles and practices to a profound level.

The Way of Nature has 3 core intents:

  1. To assist in the recognition of Source Awareness as the liberating, foundational nature of ourselves
  2. To open and deepen the experience of communion with all of life (outer nature)
  3. To help reveal our unique core purpose for coming into this life and how to fulfill that purpose

The Way of Nature is all-denominational, centring on the common ground that connects the major spiritual traditions. The processes have been selected over decades of exploration and personal practice by founder, John P. Milton. He has refined a cutting-edge system for effectively working with inner and outer nature.

The centre-piece of the retreats are solo time in nature, ranging from an hour or so on the day programs to 7-9 day solos on the Sacred Passages. Prior to the solo time you are guided through a series of easy to learn meditation and qi gong practices that work with the support of nature to open you to deeper levels of understanding and connection.

Upcoming programs:

Saturday September 2, 2017 – A Day of Natural Renewal, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, Avon Valley

October 14- 22 2017 – Nature Quest: Southwest, Bridgetown, WA

Nature Quest: Southwest

October 14-22 2017, Bridgetown, Western Australia

Do you feel the call to drop into deep connection with all that is?

“The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and power to serve others.” – Joseph Campbell

Surrender and listen to inner and outer nature to learn how to take your place in the choir of life with a 4 day/night solo (we like to call it AllOne time because while you won’t see any other humans, you are not really alone, perhaps less alone than ever!), supported by personal preparation and group time either side of the solo. Many of us intellectually understand that everything is interconnected, but do we actually feel it? It is the birthright of every human being to come into profound appreciation of our inherent, fundamental interconnectedness and what that means for our role in this life. The quest process initiates us into this way of being, rapidly removing layers that keep us in a perception of separateness and providing space for guidance and insight to be received.

The Quest process involves spending 4 days and nights in one sacred circle, fasting from all things familiar including food. You will go out with some practices to cultivate presence, receptivity, universal energy and an open heart along with a beautiful directions ceremony. You don’t ‘do’ much at all, but a lot happens as your senses become more refined, the blocks lift and you move towards your natural state. So much can happen in that time precisely because it IS your natural state. In a sense it is the simplest thing in the world. Of course nature is a great ally in this process, helping you become part of the team.

Often people come to quest work when they feel ready to move into the next phase of their lives – sometimes this transition is voluntary, other times not. In order to do so, various intents can be brought into the quest. Often (as with the traditional vision quest), the intent is to receive a vision or other form of guidance of the individual’s purpose in this lifetime and learn how to be in service. Sometimes it is to move through an experience and come back into harmony. Sometimes it is to experience deeper connection with inner and outer nature. Whatever the call, you cannot go wrong in honouring it.

The value of people being able to find ways to offer their unique gifts to world, and overcome the doubts and wounds that present as obstacles, cannot be measured. We would be in harmony with each other, with the planet, if this could be achieved. So if I can offer this retreat process in service of this greater goal then I am truly honoured and grateful.

– 3 nights together learnings meditation, qi gong and ceremonial practices, discussion exploring the nature of purpose from a worldview of interconnectedness and preparation for the AllOne time
– 4 nights AllOne time – in a personal campsite without interruption or distraction, just being with inner and outer nature, listening, offering, receiving, letting go, letting come.
– Return from solo on the morning of the second last day to share with the group and prepare for reintegration. I highly encourage everyone to honour the reintegration time and leave as much room as possible for self-care, love and inward reflection.

“The Sanctuary” 15kms outside of Bridgetown in the Blackwood River catchment area.

$550 (earlybird) or $650 (after August 20). If you are called to come but really cannot afford the full price at this time, please contact me to see if another arrangement can be made. I want these programs to be accessible to as many people as possible and will aim to offer one discounted place per program to someone who would truly benefit from it. On the flipside, this is being offered in the spirit of the gift – the pricing is designed to ensure that costs are covered and the program can go ahead, it is not designed so that I get paid. So participants are invited to offer whatever else you feel on top of that in exchange for my services or even to give in another context (i.e. pass on the gift!). You are welcome to wait until after the retreat to see what you are called to do.

Limited to a maximum of 9 participants.

To secure your place please a $200 deposit is required. You can pay via paypal to womcreation@gmail.com or bank transfer. Contact me for bank details. You will receive a registration pack when your application has been processed.

All meals (organic, vegetarian) for the group time are included. Fasting is recommended for the solo time. If you wish to bring food on the solo it is the responsibility of the participant to provide food during this time. More details on fasting and preparation are sent upon registration.

Accommodation: All participants must camp onsite for the duration of the retreat. Participants must provide their own camping gear however I can refer you to a social enterprise which rents camping gear if needed. A detailed packing list will be provided upon registration.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions via the Slow Project Facebook page, womcreation@gmail.com or 0431980094.

With love and hope for the future,

 If you choose to trust, the natural world will bring you profound peace, self-respect and revelation!

Some feedback from past participants:

Last year I had the pleasure of joining Claire Vanderplank on a quest. The insights continue to unfold, and my connection to nature/myself has deepened.  It was such a magical experience that I will forever treasure. Claire facilitates beautifully, holding space to a fine balance;  just enough to facilitate your own brave growth & deep immersion into the mystery 💚 Natalia