Hi, I’m Claire, founder of the Slow Project. Thanks for taking the time to look into what this Slow thing is all about.

The Slow Movement is an adaptive reaction to the cultural obsession with speed, hyper-stimulation and immediacy. This dominant ‘Fast’ streak of modern culture takes a toll on us personally both physically and mentally, as well as on our relationships, our ability to perform productive tasks, work with others, and solve tough problems. On a bit bigger scale the pace of modern life is detrimental to the health of the planet. In a nutshell, Fast leads to disconnection and reactiveness and Slow seeks to mend this imbalance. For a great book on the topic, check out In Praise of Slow.

The Slow Project aims to demonstrate how Slow relates to everyday life areas, providing experiences of Slow in action and helping people develop Slow skills.

I am passionate about Slow because at its heart is presence. Without presence we cannot know ourselves and fulfil our potential, connect with others or appreciate the external world. As we plough forward on this Fast path, we increasingly lose our ability to reflect, centre, be mindful, experience states of Flow, cultivate empathy, develop deep relationships and struggle with dealing with uncertainty and complexity. All these things are crucial to facing the challenges of our times.

I have a background in health, energy and facilitation of community development, stakeholder engagement and decision making processes. I am also on a personal journey to Slow.

I endeavour to use my experience, background and willingness to experiment with myself to uncover what is behind this elegantly simple – and yet so rich! – ┬ámeme of Slow, turn these discoveries into engaging stories, assist people in enabling more Slow in their lives and working with groups and organisations to implement Slow in purpose-driven settings. Further detail on the plan for the project can be found here.

Central to my theory of change is that Slow Skills are transferrable because they are so fundamental to the functioning of a human being. Once people have experience with things like presence, empathy, mindfulness and enhancing their Slow Thinking, there will be a natural transfer of these skills into other areas of life.